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Tel: 0208 462 1778 Email: info@chcw.co.uk
Tel: 0208 462 1778 Email: info@chcw.co.uk

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Advanced Service is for bicycles that are used constantly – i.e. a commuter bike, the school-run bike, or your ‘Weekend Warrior’.  We recommend this level of service for heavy use bikes to be at least twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. This both readies the bike for the next six or so months of bad weather riding and can rectify any issues that have come up during the winter. Carbon bikes are particularly susceptible to winter damage. This service is very much recommended for any delicate bikes where moisture and dirt can do a lot of damage.

We recommend The Intermediate Service for bikes that are used occasionally but are still relied upon to be up and ready at any time. Bikes with a heavily soiled drivetrain (dried mud, excess chain-oil, etc.) will always benefit from this partial strip-down, deep-clean and rebuild. This service is great for bikes that are only ridden in summer.

ALL BICYCLES regardless of the level of use would benefit from our Basic Service. It will detect any faults early on; get any bike regardless of usage to run smoother, safer and quieter; and can be all that is needed for bikes that have sat in the shed for a while, and just need ‘a light expert touch’ to bring them back to life. Of course, we will notify you if we come across something that requires that little bit more attention.

There is an infrequently used loading zone right outside our shop. Feel free to park up and ask us to assist you with getting your bicycle out of the car. There is also 30 minute parking available just before our shop on the A232 opposite Wickes. Also, a friendly cafe is next door, for you to grab a coffee, if we have the opportunity to swiftly rectify the issue you have with your bicycle.”

Monday to Saturday 9:00 am -5:00 pm.

You can select from any of our Service levels.

        • You can add any of the extras you wish which we will quote extra for.

        • You can add specific makes e.g. cables when booking.

If you want something that you think is not in the Service Level, just give us a call on 0208 462 1778 or drop us a line at info@chcw.co.uk

        • You will only be charged for the Service Level booked.

        • You will only be charged extras agreed by you.

        • We will not add ANYTHING without prior approval.

At CHCW we’re very clear, the price quoted in the price paid! We will not under any circumstance charge for something without prior agreement.

        • If you want something outside of the three levels please contact us.

        • Service Levels do not include bike cleans.

        • All Service Levels are guaranteed for 30 days.

When bikes brought to CHCW for a Service Level need to be reasonably clean for us to work on. If a ‘clean’ is required we will advise at the time.

        • Most items are available, please ask for a quotation

        • If you require a ‘specific brand’ we will quote you.

        • All ‘Extras’ are subject to availability.

CHCW use a range of top quality components when carrying out our Service Levels, if you require a specific brand we need advising and we will quote for using another product or brand.

        • If we find a problem when servicing we will contact you.

        • CHCW will not proceed until advised by you.

        • We will quote any additional work before proceeding.

CHCW will always try and fix a problem within the Service Level booked, but there are often things we cannot see until we take the bike to pieces, if there is a problem we are happy for you to come and see the problem before we do anything.

        •  Double check the Service Level and Extras.

        • Drop us an email at info@chcw.co.uk

        • Give us a call on 0208 462 1778