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OUR WORKSHOP: is on hand to assist you in any project you have going. From showing you how to change a flat tire, to working out your seat height and handlebar reach, to sourcing parts for your tricycle or vintage restoration we are here to help. Phone 02084621778, or message us here or call in.

In nearly all cases PUNCTURES CAN BE DONE ON THE SPOT, While you wait!

We don’t just love working on bikes! Wheelbarrows, Paralympic-class wheelchairs, electric scooters, prams, trikes, disability trikes are just some of the items we can also put our expertise to repairing.

WHEELBUILDING. If it has spokes we can build it, or repair it. No job is beyond our remit. Vintage, classic, tubular, aero, 700c, MTB, 29er, 650c, Unicycle.

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Bike Repairs Prices

(These prices may be taken as a guide, as nearly all bicycle repairs take account of variables of age, type, wear, etc.)

Install new tube and/or tyre:

Wheel only (inc tube only) £10.00

On the bike (inc tube only) £15.00


Replace Brake cable and adjust:

Inner (inc cable) £12.00

Inner and outer (inc cable) £15.00


Replace brake pads:

One set                £10.00

Front and rear £18.00


Replace Inner and Outer Gear cables (and tune)

Front     £12.00

Rear       £15.00


Replace or install:

Chain (and tune) £15.00

Cassette £8.00

Pedals   £5.00

Spoke   £10.00

Rear wheel £15.00

Front wheel £8.00

Chainset £15.00

Forks £20.00

Disc rotor £10.00


Overhaul or install

Front hub (bearings) £15.00

Rear hub £18.00

Headset £20.00

Bottom Bracket £20.00

True wheels from £5.00

Clean wheels £10.00


Bike Service: Four levels (Labour Only)


Full visual check over – a total safety aspect is the aim here.

(This is to estimate any work required and/or prepare a quote)




The BASIC includes a full adjustment of the gears and brakes, truing of the wheels, full lube of moving parts and clean of frame where necessary.




In addition to the BASIC, complete drive system removed and deep cleaned, re-fitted or replaced if worn, bottom bracket and headset checked.




As BASIC and STANDARD but with disassembly of the entire bike with all parts deep cleaned and then carefully reassembled*

*There is a possibility that further issues will be uncovered here; these will be noted and if further parts are required we will seek approval of any further costs before progressing with any work.